The Autonomy of Everyday Items [2010]

Ph.D. final installation, 42m²
digital photography (banners and slide-shows)
self-designed pillows (40x40cm)
real furniture from the ’70s
advisor: dr hab. Zdzisław Mackiewicz
Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland

The Autonomy of Everyday Items Thesis PL (pdf)
Visual concept (pdf)

This final Ph.D. project was a reflection on our relations with various objects collected and kept at home.

Everyday objects develop new meanings through their long-term relations with owners. These meanings change as people change during their lives. What we eventually see are objects, but in our minds, they become something more: astonishing reservoirs of memories and the most amazing stories of individuals.

A reflection on material culture, memories, individual life stories, society, and history became the most important aspect of my Ph.D. project. Myself, I have collected hundreds of photographs of old-fashioned apartments and houses. Then I used some of them to create an archetypical interior built out of printed images attached to wooden construction. Four video streams projecting on 3 walls of the installation and on a coffee table gave an impression of passing time. The space made of and at the same time filled with both printed and real items became a metaphorical temple of human memories. When entering the installation, one’s memory was stimulated. At the same time, intimate and touching stories were invited into space full of visitors.

Poster (by Nikodem Pręgowski)
Exhibition: entrance
Exhibition: space #1
Exhibition: pillows in space #1
Exhibition: space #2
Exhibition: space #2
Exhibition: space #2
Exhibition: space #2 (panorama)