Intermodal Expressive Arts ::: Joanna Wróblewska


If you plan to join any of my sessions or workshops, please make sure to read carefully the text below. It guarantees a higher level of transparency, clarity, and safety for all my clients.

> All my face-to-face sessions, workshops, and retreats take place in carefully chosen locations and are fully confidential.

> For online sessions and other virtual events, I use a high-speed internet connection and simple online tools like Skype, Zoom, or Whereby. I guarantee high standards of safety and confidentiality in the digital space.

> My sessions, workshops and retreats are suitable for anyone. No special skills are required. Even if you have never made art before, you shouldn’t be concerned. I am there for you to help, explain tasks, and guide you through the process of creation.

> With rare exceptions, I work in small and intimate groups. However, in workshops, I like to have at least 3 people participating. If this number is not reached, you will be informed about the cancellation of the event and the fee will be wired back straight to your account.

> I do my best to create a safe and non-judgemental environment open to anyone including LGBTQ community members, migrants, people in displacement, and other minorities. I don’t care about your social status or your place of origin. What matters to me the most is that we truly meet, connect, and create a sense of togetherness.

> Please come to my sessions and workshops with an open and curious attitude. This is the only thing I ask of you. Let me hold the space for you, I know how to do it.

> In general, I advise you to wear comfortable clothing and prepare (or bring) a water bottle and a notebook to all my sessions and workshops. If there is a requirement for any specific art materials, I will let you know in advance.

> Please leave enough space for yourself to find the location and arrive on time or check your computer settings. I will do what I can to give you clear and simple instructions. However, I won’t wait for you for longer than 10 minutes.

> Participation in my workshops requires online registration at least 24h before the event (unless otherwise stated on one of my websites or on social media). Please follow the instructions on the website to sign in for a particular event. Only an advance payment will guarantee you a spot.

> Please take into account that my booking system is focused on a personal connection with clients. If you register at the very last minute, it might happen that I won’t be able to process your registration on time or that I will send the invoice to you after the workshop.

> You can cancel the participation in a group session, workshop or another event offline or online 48 hours before it takes place. Otherwise, your payment won’t be refundable. This excludes extreme emergencies, life-threatening situations, accidents, and serious sicknesses.

> There is no cancellation possible if you register last minute.

> If you can’t join our event and the refund is not possible anymore, I will encourage you to find a replacement or propose to you an alternative solution like, for example, a recording of the session.

> Individual clients are asked to cancel their appointments at least 24h in advance. Otherwise, they will be asked to transfer a full session fee to my account. This excludes extreme emergencies, life-threatening situations, accidents, and serious sicknesses.

> I might propose customized payment plans to individual clients, so please take a moment to think about your needs before we start working together. For payments, I use regular bank transfers and/or PayPal.

> To book an individual session or ask specific questions about how I work, please contact me via email at or


> Please make sure to check the camera and microphone settings on your device before the session or workshop starts. Prepare a charger to secure the continuity of connection.

> Find a peaceful space, in which you can spend some time alone. Prepare art materials suggested before the session and have them at hand.

> I will ask you to use specific software like Skype, Zoom or Whereby and offer you basic support in figuring out how they work.

> Online sessions and workshop have their own etiquette: please wear proper clothing (beachwear and nudity aren’t welcome), take care of good equal lighting and make your face well-visible (backlit is not recommended).

> Wear headphones, if necessary. Do not allow third-party people to witness the sessions. The recording of events is forbidden, as I highly respect the privacy of my clients. However, I might offer recordings of open seminars and webinars to my audience.

> I prefer that you sit or stand in from of the screen (unless you need other accommodations). It will show me your readiness to participate in the process. Your camera should be on unless there are clear instructions to do otherwise or serious reasons to keep it off.


> Stay away from assumptions, judgements and critical feedback. It could hurt somebody’s feelings. Instead, be open, receptive, listen to others, and stay curious.

> If you feel resistant towards any exercise I propose, please let me know about your doubts. I will do my best to adjust the process according to your needs.

> In online sessions and workshops, please tell me the reasons for switching off the camera, disappearing from the screen, etc. Virtual work is highly sensitive, so I must make sure that you are safe on the other side of the screen.

> By all means, please inform me about any problems or difficulties you have experienced during or after my sessions and workshops. I will be happy to assist you in finding more ease or put you in touch with other professionals.

> IMPORTANT!!!! You are obligated to inform me about any mental or physical conditions/restrictions you experienced or still struggle with in life. If you take medications influencing your mental states, you must let me know about that too. It is a matter of your safety!

> If for some reason I can’t create safety for you, I will recommend to you another professional in the field of creative therapies, coaching, psychotherapy, or psychiatry.

> In both offline and online workshops, you are responsible for own your safety. Please be mindful of your mental and bodily limitations. I do not assume responsibility, directly or indirectly, for any loss, damage, or injury to property or person in connection with my services.