“Joanna is an open-minded coach, inspiring person and an excellent artist who conducted the coaching sessions with a great sensitivity to my feelings, needs, and fears. She was an amazing guide on my writing and creativity blockades. Thanks to her support, I realized which aspects of my work, attitudes, and strategies support a creative process and I became more aware of the different aspects of my work and role of the creativity in it. With a gentle push from Joanna, I discovered new paths and directions of my development. The sessions were all about experimenting, trusting your intuition, emotions and switching off the judgmental voice of your internal critic. The exercises proposed by Joanna are great tools that allow discovering different sources of creativity and motivation to create. “

Anna, individual client, 2018

“I thoroughly valued my time with Joanna as my art history instructor. She kept me interested and engaged throughout her entire class using a wide variety of creative teaching methods. I felt her instructing encouraged and fostered immense creativity in the projects we completed, leaving us with a deep understanding of the concepts in the course outline. She always made me feel valued as a student and I always looked forward to attending class. Despite having no prior formal art or design instruction and limited fine art experience I was accepted into the highly competitive Graphic Design program, thanks in large part to Joanna’s instruction and inspiration.”

Alexandria, Design Foundations student
Conestoga College

“Joanna Wroblewska is a fantastic Visual Arts instructor!  My husband and I had the pleasure of having Joanna instruct a private painting workshop for us. She was very informative, confident and visionary. I was inspired by her passion for art but most importantly her passion for teaching. Any student can feel Joanna’s passion for art. Its very addictive in the most lovely way. She helped me open my mind and look at my painting from a place I never thought possible. I will be always grateful to her for truly helping me expand my creativity.”

Kathy, the Button Factory Arts student, 2016

“Joanna has been providing engaging and inspiring workshops and classes to students at Button Factory Arts since 2015. Her classes explore strong content and she provides an availability to her students to intuitively explore their creative potential through activities like Art Journaling and photography. We are very happy to have Joanna as part of our community of artist and makers here at Button Factory Arts.”

Allie Brenner
Program Coordinator
Button Factory Arts

“Joanna Wroblewska has been employed as an instructor at the Cambridge Centre for the Arts since the summer of 2015. She has taught exciting and imaginative art programs for children including abstract painting and architectural design. Joanna teaches with energy and creativity, sharing her knowledge and passion for art with the students. Response to her programs has definitely been enthusiastic!”

Sophie McCann
Arts Coordinator
Cambridge Centre for the Arts


“Joanna had an important role at DIY Textile School as she taught a key component in composition and design in our first year of the 2 year Textile Art program. She also taught and advised all students in their second year offering critical feedback to improve students abilities and develop their own style. As the school director, I was very pleased to have such a positive, energetic, bright, and innovative colleague to enhance the programming of the school. Student feedback about Joanna was always positive. I also had a wonderful opportunity to develop and teach a workshop with Joanna which brought new students to the school and helped unblock their creativity. I would recommend hiring her for her accountability, integrity, creativity and her fantastic innovative eye.”

Ginni Fleck
Director of DIY Textile School in Amsterdam,


“In her capacity as Research supervisor, Joanna was able to provide support and guidance to students of varying ability. I am very pleased to say that under her supervision, two of the students graduated with First class honours, which is quite an accomplishment. I have always found Joanna to be highly motivated in her professional capacity and in possession of excellent interpersonal skills. I believe that she was professional in her dealings with students, staff and external professionals connected to SAE. I would have no hesitation in recommending Joanna highly for a teaching or supervisory role.”

Gordon Todd
Campus Academic Coordinator SAE Amsterdam,


“(…) Joanna is a real giving person and always has the best interests of her students. She also has a gift for curriculum development. Given just a few prompts from me, Joanna put together the perfect plan for our Journalistic and Product photography courses. Her ideas were fresh and exciting, and when implemented engaged the class completely. I’m sure that any team will be pleased to have Joanna as a co-worker. During all these years in our institute Joanna has constantly offered us fully support with curricular and extracurricular activities, as well she has enriched us by sharing her own creative ideas and perspectives. She is very well organized, easily reachable, and always on time.”

Mariangela Radaelli
Program Course Coordinator
SAE Institute Amsterdam


“During my education at the DIY Textile School in Amsterdam, Joanna Wróblewska has been one of my fabulous teachers. In the first year, she taught about photography and composition. She has given me very good advice how to continue with my work. In the second year, she has monthly given personal feedback on my artwork. She has stimulated me with her advice to make better work, I have learned very much from her on my artistic journey. And on top of this: she is a lovely person.”

Liesbeth, the DIY Textile School student, 2014


“In the final stages of my studies for Bachelor in Interactive Animation at London Middlesex University, I was fortunate enough to get Ms. Joanna Wroblewska as a mentor for my thesis. Throughout both the writing and research processes, our contact was good and productive, and her expert guidance helped me stay on track throughout the project. In the end, my work was graded as First Class, a success in which Ms. Wroblewska has played a very important part.”

Matija, the SAE Institute student, 2014


“Joanna has been teaching several classes in photography at SAE Institute Amsterdam for our courses in Web Design & Development, Cross Media Communication & Publishing, and Digital Film Making. She is well organized, pro-active and passionate about the topics she is lecturing, which is clearly noticeable in her teaching methods, making her an excellent lecturer. I’m pleased to have Joanna as part of our team and highly recommend her as a teacher/trainer.”

Dennis Beentjes,
National Director – SAE Netherlands BV, SAE Institute Amsterdam


“Joanna Wroblewska was engaged as a teacher for the LATINA Summer School in 2009 after having completed a similar and extended program as a participant in 2008. She proved to be an engaging lecturer and adviser teaching with passion, precision, and great enthusiasm.”

Professor Helge Høivik, LATINA/lab Director
The Learning Center and Library
Oslo and Akershus University College (Norway)


“Joanna was wonderful. She’s positive and lighthearted, and very knowledgable about photography in general. She’s attentive and will give you the extra attention you need, whether you need help finding something in a convoluted menu, or if you express interest in a certain area of photography. She was a great instructor!”

Filiz, the Button Factory Arts student, 2015


“Joanna Wróblewska has been teaching at the FOTOfactory since 2010. She takes part in the Modules “Photographic Development II” and “Signature Development’ (2nd Year) and the modules “Art History” and “Photographic Development I” (1st Year). The way she structures her lessons demonstrates a lot of professional skills and knowledge. The feedback on her lessons from our students is very positive. She is an intellectual, challenging and motivating teacher all together, and brings the best out in our students. As a colleague, we appreciate her professional attitude, thorough preparations, and inspiring input. We consider it a lost for our Staff that she had to leave us. I can assure you that adding Joanna Wróblewska to your Staff will be a good decision.”

Desiree Vroemen
Director of Staff at the FOTOfactory Amsterdam


“Joanna was an exceptional employee and colleague. She always delivered more than expected. Her excellent lectures are always meticulous prepared and have been received by our students with great enthusiasm. Joanna knows how to motivate the students and to coach them. The handouts that she has prepared for our students are amazing and highly appreciated, not only by our students. She is very punctual and has been always extremely helpful. Joanna has been a great colleague to work with.”

José Miguel Biscaya
Head Film Department, SAE Institute Amsterdam


“The workshop that I did with Joanna was very inspiring to me and I learned a lot: about creativity and myself. Joanna is capable of telling, teaching and showing you the importance of creativity in many ways. Either through simple but daring exercises, stories about her own experiences, speeches by inspiring people and being honest about her own struggles in search of her way to strengthen her own creativity. That, combined with Joanna’s open and warm personality, made me safe enough to cross boundaries I never thought of crossing before or didn’t even know they were there. And I have to say, I’m glad I did because it has enriched me.”

Billy-Jo, the FOTOfactory student, 2014


“I had the honor to get taught by Joanna at the FOTOfactory, a private institute for photography in Amsterdam. Joanna is a highly creative and inspiring person. Her lessons were always well prepared and of great value for getting started my own creative process. She is able to convey her profound knowledge in such a motivating manner, that hit was a pure pleasure to attend her lessons!”

Kathrin, the FOTOfactory student, 2014


“As a coach, Joanna was able to give me advice that I was looking for, but could not put into words myself. She was critical, but her arguments were constructive. She was asking questions that gave me space to find my own solutions. Links that Joanna shared with me were supporting my ideas. Our group work was well structured and based on constant repetitions. Moreover, she had a great respect for all the individual ideas and work styles of different students.”

Sibia, the DIY Textile School student, 2014


“Based on Joanna Wróblewska’s extraordinary knowledge, skills, and ability to teach effectively, there is no doubt in my mind that she is an outstanding educator. I had the chance to study the basics of photography with her and now I see the world around me more beautiful than I did before, thanks to her.”

Coline, the SAE Institute student, 2014


“Dr. Joanna Wroblewska creates an extraordinary atmosphere during her workshops that stimulates students to work hard and effectively. She proved herself to be a talented educator delivering a lectures nad workshops on surface design for industrial design students of Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow in 2013. Dr. Wróblewska possesses that rare ability to impart her passion, knowledge and rich experience to her students as well as to everyone she meets. She is a born teacher and academic who acts with boundless enthusiasm. A real professional, well-versed in many fields of art and design, always ready to share her erudition, wisdom and optimism with the audience…”

Dr. Anna Myczkowska-Szczerska,
Associate Dean at the Faculty of Industrial Design, Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (Poland)