Art-based consulting and facilitation. Find your true voice using intermodal expressive arts. Say yes to changes with Joanna Wróblewska, visual artist and art-based consultant/facilitator.


> What matters to me the most is to empower people of various cultures and origins by encouraging them to find their true voice using the arts.

As an active visual artist and Expressive Arts specialist, I deeply believe that art is indigenous to humans. The ability to make art is something that we all share.

> My mission is to support personal and organizational growth, promote healthy self-expression, and cultivate a deep cross-cultural connection between people.


Invite little miracles into your life. Discover hidden treasures of your personal resources. Make a smoother transition.

> Deep art-based work supports personal growth through creative learning. It can become a meaningful addition to your psychotherapy, self-development, or a group process at your organization.

Through Expressive Arts, you can explore your identity, connect with yourself and others, create more awareness, integrate existing knowledge with new findings, find a place of belonging, and welcome change with more ease.

It is all about how you shape your story.


  • Individuals seeking support in challenging life situations and willing to reframe their life,
  • Artists, designers, and other professionals experiencing stress, burn out, or conflict in their workplace,
  • Individuals experiencing creative blocks and other similar difficulties,
  • Exhausted parents in need of self-care and relaxation, wishing to reconnect with their own inner child,
  • Individuals in the process of psychotherapy, who would like to look at their life from a different perspective, become more playful, and find new resources,
  • People who feel disconnected from their bodies and would like to experience more liveliness,
  • Therapists, coaches, counsellors, and social workers who long for more self-care, relaxation, and creative engagement,
  • People experiencing difficulties in adapting to new circumstances in life,
  • Individuals going through a major transition related to a career change, identity, move to a new place, or a cultural shock,
  • International student, employee or scientists and their families settling down in a new location,
  • Individuals representing minority groups and struggling to find a place of belonging in a larger community like a nation, a country, or a land,
  • People coming from a cross-cultural background and willing to explore their identity,
  • Migrants, refugees, and expats integrating a foreign culture,
  • Groups experiencing difficulties in going through a transformation,
  • Communities needing support in expressing and acknowledging collective trauma and reconnecting with their true stories.

The Expressive Arts process is for everyone. No previous experience with the arts is required. Just be open to coming to your senses through the arts!

ART-BASED SESSIONS (offline and online)

Currently, I offer stationary and online support in the form of individual experiential sessions, group workshops, and community activities. In my art-based work, I mainly use Expressive Arts Therapy methods.

*Expressive Arts (EXA) is a process- and resource-oriented therapeutic method using various forms of artistic expression. Often multiple art genres are included in a session or a workshop, which makes this deep art-based work truly intermodal. The instructions for particular activities are easy and playful. However, they have a high emotional impact (“low skill – high sensitivity”). It is an innovative arts-based method that is considered very gentle and effective at the same time.


  • If you are a new client, we will start our together work from a 30 min. long online meeting to speak about your needs and expectations.
  • In a session, we will first do a fill-in and speak about your current longings. Then, I will propose a warm-up to wake up your senses and let you enter the session with more awareness. In the next phase, we will create art and that can include various forms of expression like clay work, painting, movement, or writing.
  • Finally, we will reflect together on the entire process and find out what emerged for you during the session.
  • It might happen that I will propose homework to be accomplished before our next meeting.
  • Each session and workshop is different. The final shape of a session depends on your needs and the resonance between us!
  • In group sessions and workshops, the process is structured in a similar way. However, it might differ a bit depending on the setup.
  • You will be informed in advance about the location, software, and art materials required for any of my sessions and workshops.

My Expressive Arts work is supervised by a licensed Expressive Arts Therapist. I guarantee the highest level of safety and confidentiality to all my clients.

I am bilingual in Polish and English. I also speak German on a B2 level and have the capacity to communicate with Spanish speaking clients.


  • Increases self-awareness and self-understanding,
  • Helps to discover already existing and new resources,
  • Teaches relaxation and body-awareness,
  • Increases physical, mental, and emotional flexibility,
  • Helps to deal with traumatic experiences,
  • Supports coping mechanisms and builds resilience,
  • Promotes openness to new experiences and healthy ways of self-expression,
  • Explores relationships and improves soft skills,
  • Supports team-building,
  • Stimulates creativity and feeds imagination,
  • Builds aesthetic responsibility,
  • Excites, inspires, and empowers people to live life more fully.

In addition, the intermodal method of Expressive Arts will allow you to discover your inner artist and spend quality time in a non-judgmental, safe space of trust, understanding, and acceptance.


> Individual art-based sessions

A 90 min. individual sessions offline or online cost 75€. I offer a free 30 min. introductory conversation to new clients, and a 10% discount for all regular clients.

For clients living in Poland, students, and clients experiencing serious financial difficulties, I offer sessions at a reduced price of 37.50€.

> Art-based experiential sessions and workshops for groups

Prices differ depending on the agreement with the clients. Visit Yohaku Art Collective to learn about my current offerings.

> Relaxation, self-care and awareness-building

My 90 min. individual sessions cost 75€ and include a combination of Yoga Nidra and various art-based techniques supporting relaxation and daily mental self-care.

For groups, prices differ depending on the agreement with the clients. Visit Yohaku Art Collective to learn about my current offerings.

> Experimental art courses for groups

For groups, prices differ depending on the agreement with the clients. Visit Yohaku Art Collective to learn about my current offerings.

> Webinars, presentations, seminars

Prices differ depending on the agreement with the clients. Visit Yohaku Art Collective to learn about my current offer.