Expressive Arts Consulting

As an expressive arts facilitator, I deeply believe that art is indigenous to humans. The ability to make art is something that we all share.

> What matters to me the most is to empower people of various cultures and origins by encouraging them to connect, integrate active learning with art-making, tell their unique stories through arts, and welcome change with more ease.

Are you ready to come to your senses and make space for something new to emerge in the creative process?


Invite little miracles into your life. Discover the hidden treasures of your personal resources. Make a smooth transition.

Through expressive arts consulting, you can explore your identity, connect with yourself and others, create more awareness, integrate existing knowledge with new findings, find a place of belonging, and welcome change with more ease.

It is all about how you shape your story.


  • Do you experience difficulties in adaptation to a new situation in your life?
  • Are you going through a major transition related to your career, identity, move to a new place, or a cultural shock?
  • Are you an international student/employee/scientist settling down in a new location?
  • Do you come from a cross-cultural background and would like to explore your identity?
  • Are you a migrant/refugee/expat integrating a foreign culture?

This expressive arts process is for everyone who goes through a change. No previous experience with arts is required. Just be open and come to your senses through arts!


Currently, I offer support in the form of individual face-to-face consulting sessions, online self-discovery sessions, group workshops, and community activities. In my facilitator work, I use expressive arts therapy methods.

Please check my current expressive arts workshops and events list.

Expressive Arts (EXA) is a process- and resource-oriented art therapy method that uses various art forms. Often multiple art genres are included in a session. The instructions for particular activities are easy and fun. However, they have a high emotional impact. It is an innovative arts-based method that is considered very gentle and effective at the same time.


  • Increases self-awareness and self-understanding,
  • Helps to discover already existing and new resources,
  • Teaches relaxation and body-awareness,
  • Increases physical, mental, and emotional flexibility,
  • Promotes openness to new experiences and new healthy ways of self-expression,
  • Explores relationships and improves soft skills,
  • Supports team-building,
  • Stimulates creativity and feeds imagination,
  • Builds aesthetic responsibility.


Joanna Wróblewska gives workshops and art classes in various places and institutions worldwide.

My vision of art-based learning crystalized over the years. Very early on during my undergraduate studies, I started running workshops using art-related methods. Eventually, I became a professional art educator, designing and teaching courses for various target groups. In this way, I learned about the strengths and weaknesses of educational systems. Working with students of various nationalities, forced me to ask questions about the nature and goals of education in general and art education in particular. This is why I decided to take my practice to the next level and study art therapy.

My international experiences made me extremely sensitive to different aspects of migration, belonging, and identity. As an expressive arts practitioner, I believe that art-making inspires, connects, and transforms humans on multiple levels.

I am also a co-founder of Yohaku Art Collective focused on supporting processes of inquiry and transformation through art-making.