Butterflies in Your Head


Learn with me how to support your inner creative self, how to feed it and how to make it happy. Discover what blocks you, get into the creative flow, generate ideas and ask for constructive feedback without being afraid of strong and demotivating judgements. Pick one of your ideas and develop it with my support. You do not need to bring anything else, but yourself and the colorful and gentle butterflies flying in your head!

Why do I offer this course?

Creativity is a great power. It keeps us feel aware, present and happy every single moment. It bestows upon us a strong motivation to change.

We are creative. You are creative. Just give yourself a chance to discover your greatest talents. Creativity needs time and attention. It needs focus as well. But it will pay off if you take care of it!

I would like to offer you a possibility to develop your creative skills because I strongly believe that there is no diversity, no freedom and no happiness without creativity. This course is designed to inspire you to develop, change and go for your biggest dreams. It is never too late.

For whom is it?

This course is for everyone who wants to develop their creative skills. You might be a photographer, a painter or a lawyer. You might work in a bank, at the university or in a bar. It does not matter! Give some time to yourself, discover your passion and develop your talents together with others, in a friendly and safe environment.

I believe in creativity.
I am positive and open.
I wait for you!

“Butterflies in Your Head” course was taught for the first time in July 2014 at the FOTOfactory, prestigious Amsterdam institute of photography. In 2015, it has been offered by the Button Factory Arts in Waterloo, ON.