Artist Statement

Don’t Touch My Yellow*, 2018 (mixed media on paper, ca. 100x150cm)

The nature of things
slows down blood in their veins.
They reach true zen
and become simply silent.

No matter how hard they try
their hearts stop and freeze
in a clash of creaky contrasts.
Vibrant lines flow around them
and in them, there’s a promise.

That modest life of forms
is too complex to capture,
so they make me both fussy and curious.
Every day I intend to break into
their stiff bodies and become a witness.

The nature of things
touches me intensely
in all the most mysterious ways.
I progress.

They make me see.
They are my lesson.
They make my art happen.
They are me.


In the creative process, I appreciate the value of making art slowly, step by step and then observing it unfold. My impatient nature keeps bothering my senses, but I do my best to stay present and connect with my art here and now. I genuinely enjoy and experience art as a process that leads to the unknown. Every time I develop a piece, I find myself progressing towards something new and completely unexpected. Each creative activity and art project changes me; every artistic discovery makes me even more curious. I am imperfect, often I fail, sometimes I make progress. It goes on and on, and I find authentic pleasure in this endless process.

My inspirations give me strength and invite me to explore the hidden nature of everyday life objects. The colour touches me, the same as the formal beauty of things, and the pure language of composition. I photograph, write, shape clay, and I paint. Sometimes I even play music. And most importantly, I keep myself open for what art brings into my life.

Art is my meditation, my biggest struggle, and my greatest passion. I live art.

From my creative heart to yours,


* I would like to thank Devika Soman for helping me to connect with this painting and (unintentionally?) giving it the most fantastic title ever.