Hi there, my name is Joanna Wróblewska and I am a visual artist currently based in Potsdam, Germany. I graduated in graphic design (specialization: multimedia) in 2005 and obtained a PhD degree in visual arts in 2010. 

In my life I am in constant motion, traveling the world to enjoy the beauty of diverse landscapes and cultures. My unique international experiences made me not only a profound observer of common creative processes, but also a highly qualified art educator invariably seeking for new challenges. I always do my best to keep students motivated and fully enthusiastic, because I truly believe that creativity needs to be constantly acknowledged and empowered. This is why I have recently embarked to study Expressive Arts Therapy, a form of art therapy that emphasizes the process of creation.

In my own creative practice, I use both photography and various mixed media techniques to explore freely the wonderful world of visual arts. My affection for design and, through design, for practical solutions have a formative influence on my creations. I am especially interested in botany, nature morte and various kinds of everyday life objects. In 2015, I got absolutely fascinated with Japanese pottery and now it became an important part of my art repertoire. In Potsdam, I am honoured to master my ceramic art skills with Gosha Nagashima.

Furthermore, I love to promote soothing foods, fearless art-making, and slow motion yoga. I am a proud co-founder of the Waterloo FAY Meetup that has just transformed into LivingFAY, a future source of information on food, art and yoga that bring happiness into life.

Thank you for stopping by and please join me in my art journey on Instagram:
@artbyjoannawska | @ophetogenblik | @livingfay